Using Portable Generator
Portable Generator

Precautions to Be Taken While Using Portable Generator

Are you planning to use a portable generator? There are certain things you need to consider before using a generator. You have to learn how to use a portable generator to operate it safely. There can be serious safety hazards if you fail to abide by the safety measures given in this section. You have learned the operation procedure, how to maintain portable generator and the major safety concerns. At all stages, you have to exercise caution as it is a crucial aspect. Like any other home appliance where you need to take precautions when using them, you need to take precautionary measures while using portable generators. To ensure smooth and efficient operation process, there is a need to abide by certain safety rules. Most of the measures are simple to follow and straightforward. Portable generators may also be risky if you are not careful. 

Protection from Toxic Gases like Carbon Monoxide 

Using Portable Generator

This is the first and foremost measure to take. Carbon monoxide is a toxic or lethal gas that emits from burning fossil fuel. Carbon Monoxide is a major threat to the lives of human beings. While using the generator, you need to implement proper safeguards. Use alarm system and gas detectors to detect carbon monoxide. A gas detector may move a long way when it comes to keeping your home safe. When it is extremely cold, carbon monoxide may prove a killer. Generators are the necessity of every home when it is winters. Make sure you keep the generator outdoors and at a distance from the home.

Handle Fuel with Care and Caution 

Apart from carbon monoxide, fuel is a second major threat. But, it is only due to fuel that the portable generator runs. A generator produces power just because of the fuel. As it is inflammable, fuel is dangerous. When you are running the generator, refueling it, you need to be careful when handling fuel. Make sure to keep firefighting equipment just near to the generator. To avoid the explosion, do not refuel the generator when it is running. Then, the fuel must be stored far away from the location of the generator. Do not leave fuel spills on the ground and be careful when refueling. Generator fuel safety is extremely important, and you must make sure to keep all sources of fire at bay.

Avoid Power Leakage While Using Portable Generator

It is the electrical system which controls power supply from the main source to the region where the power is used. The transmission system should be installed properly and make sure there is no power leakage. Cords help to transmit electricity or power, and you need to avoid any power leak. While availing the cord, take into consideration the surrounding. If the electrical cord is good, it can withstand environmental conditions of the surrounding. Do not make the mistake of installing weaker cords as they cannot bear the electrical load put up by the generator. If the cord is weak, there can be fire. Make sure you inspect the cords now and then. They must stay in good condition. You must also be careful when handling the cords.

Use Proper Grounding when using Portable Generator

To prevent users from getting shocks, it is important to implement a sound grounding system. One needs to abide by the industry standards when choosing grounding feature for the modern generator. Be informed about grounding feature just to authenticate the usefulness. For grounding mechanism, one can use the frame of the portable generator. Improper use of portable generator might cause accidents due to shocks, injury due to fire. Make sure you know how to use a portable generator to avoid any hazard. Be careful of the grounding.

Safety Instructions Must Be Followed While Using Portable Generator

When you buy a portable generator, you will get safety documentation that must be followed word-by-word. Read the product safety instruction and implement them when using the generator. Read the warning instructions again and again and abide by them.

Securing a Generator Is Mandatory 

If you are moving out of home for some reasons, make sure to secure the portable generator. Know one thing that if your portable generator moves out of its position, there may be potential hazards. You should leave it on the plain and flat surface where there is no chance of sliding or tipping. Lock all the wheels for safety reasons. If the locking system is absent, you may insert wedges under the tires. This will prevent the generator from rolling. Make sure it is out of the path which is frequently used. Accidental bumping over it might lead to accidents.

Place Generator Close to the Work Area 

You should never run a portable generator power cord via the main pathway as it is a potential tripping hazard. The power cord may accidentally get pulled to damage the generator outlet. Use proper cable covers to guard or protect the power cords. Move the generator close to the work area.

Avoid Moisture While Using Portable Generator

Wondering how to use a portable generator? When operating a generator, be very cautious. The generator must be away from water under any condition. There will be a potential shock if the generator is exposed to standing water and the water is touched by anyone. The generator should be safeguarded from moist conditions as that can damage the generator. If water seeps into power outlets, there can be a short circuit.

Do Not Overload the Power Outlet 

Using Portable Generator

Draw power from the generator till the extent it is safe. Splitters allow you to plug in multiple types of equipment but you must be careful. Drawing more electricity from the outlet is not safe at all. If you do so, the outlet may overheat, and this is a hazardous situation. If the outlet overheats, there can be instances of blown fuses, short circuits or blown diodes. Contact the manufacturer of the generator before using a splitter.

The most important precautionary measure to adopt is refueling carefully. Never refuel the generator when the engine is already running. When the gas tank is open, you should never light a flame. The portable generator should be necessarily used in an area which is ventilated well. Regular servicing of the equipment is also necessary.