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Portable Generator – How Will You Find the Best One?

Are you wondering how to find portable generator? For most people, a portable generator is a useful item to own. It is lightweight, flexible, and easy to carry and compact. It is mainly the homeowners who use portable generators as they may move the unit from one room to another or from one space to another. The best generators are the ones fueled by diesel or gasoline fuel and feature the 120volts power outlet. This kind of power outlet you usually find on the walls of the home. Various factors make portable generators popular and in-demand items. Such generators provide clean, safe and portable power when there is a power outage, heavy storm or any disaster situation leaving you without power. If you are in the market to find the best portable generator, follow this section carefully. 

Choose the Best Brand of Portable Generator 

Portable Generator

Before you even consider your needs or get into the specifications of the generator, choose a reliable, trustworthy and popular brand of portable generator. Many brands are offering best-in-the-class generators to the homeowners and business owners. They are Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Yamaha, Generac, Champion Power, Westinghouse and many others. Each brand offers a range of generators in different specifications. Check the warranty provided by the manufacturer and the customer care service. Well, the generator you select depends on specific variables.

What Is the Power Output of the Portable Generator? 

The power output of a generator is calculated in watts. Before you consider the wattage of the portable generator, you should determine your power needs. Make a list of lights and appliances that need to be powered up by the portable generator. After preparing the list of all the items, you must combine the wattage and then look for a suitable portable generator. To calculate the wattage, you may also multiply voltage with amps. Make sure the equipment offers the maximum power output regarding wattage. 

Looking For a Suitable Place 

When it is time to shop for the generator, determine the areas where the power backup unit is available. You may find portable generators in the hardware stores or the chain stores like Walmart, Home Depot, etc. If you check online, you will find hundreds of stores selling portable generators. With the internet portal, you may compare features, specifications, the prices and enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. A licensed electrician can help you find good deals and discounts. Read the portable generator reviews online before making any purchase. Learn how to use and maintain the generator.

For How Long the Generator Can Last Without Power? 

This is an important question to ask. A portable generator can use natural gas, diesel or propane but you must know for how long it can run without any power supply. Most of the generators can run for two days without any gas. Your best bet would be choosing a generator which can run for 2-3 days without any gas for powering it. Apart from this, you also need to consider the noise factor. Certain portable generators are too much noisy and cannot be used in all the areas. Certain generators using just 40-45db of power would be a suitable choice. 

What Is the Price of a Portable Generator? 

As per the features and specifications included in the generator, the price of the portable generator varies. The price of the portable power backup unit might be $150. This is indeed the starting range which can move up to $3000. You will always find a generator as per your need and suitability. Honda and Yamaha are the leading manufacturers of various kinds of generators to suit different power needs. The size of the generator should also be considered. Buy a portable generator which is compact, sturdy and suits your budget. 

A Reliable Store 

Before buying any portable generator, take recommendations from friends and family. Choose a reputable store for purchasing a generator. It must offer you value for money. It must offer the best bang for your bucks by selling reliable and good generator as per your power needs. To prevent injuries, make sure to buy a safe generator. It must not be complicated or difficult to handle. Talk about the maintenance needed.

Determine Your Needs and the Applications

Portable Generator

Apart from the wattage needs or the power you require, consider the purpose of a portable generator. Will you use the generator for everyday purpose or camping trips and outdoor recreational activities? If the generator is to be used in the construction sites or job sites, the equipment has to be sturdy, rugged, fuel efficient and also reliable. As there are hundreds of generators available in the market, you need not choose an unreliable unit. So, the purpose of the generator has to be determined. It will be great if you discuss out your needs with the seller. He can suggest you the best generator as per the application. 

How Noisy Is It? 

All the units are not created equally. Some generators are noisy while others are not. If noise is the factor, then you have to choose a unit which is quiet. Choose a portable generator that comes with noise reduction technology. 

A Perfect Generator Matches the Habits of the User 

If you use too many appliances, buy a larger model of portable generator. But, if you feel that you may do without most of the appliances at times of power outage, you may choose a smaller model. What matters is your energy conservation habit. If you are good at energy conservation, go for energy-efficient and a smaller model of portable generator.

In the above section, you find the tips to follow to find a portable generator. By following them closely and determining your needs, you can come across the best unit. Look for sales offer when purchasing a portable generator. A sale offer can help you to save a lot of money. The generator should be fuel efficient and eco-friendly. Choose a compact model after going through the reviews. Consider the warranty you are getting on the unit.